The Abrahamic Religions–Now

Through research on religious art, stereotypes, and portrayal in the media, the following videos provide insight into the Abrahamic religions today.

Introduction to Islam and Religious Art

The video starts off by having a few slides on the basics of Islam. These include the question of “What is Islam?”, Sharia Law, and Jihad. The video then goes on to discuss famous art. These pieces include the piece called “Sacred Geography”, which depicts the Ka’ba. The next piece is a tile depicting Medina. Medina’s importance is that it was the city that Muhammad went after having to leave Mecca. The third piece of art that is focused on is The Ark of the Covenant. This is discussed because it connects Judaism and Christianty to Islam because all three religions have a rule against the use of “Graven Images”. Islam follows this by saying that no art can depict the Prophet Muhammad.

Religious Stereotypes

This video is about stereotypes and how they influence perceptions on religions. There are two types of stereotyping,implicit and explicit. Implicit stereotyping happens when opinions occur that are believed to be based on facts but are in fact based on stereotypes. Explicit stereotyping occurs when people are aware of their personal biases. The video first religious stereotypes that are covered are that of Islam. One of the main ones is about jihad being generalized as “Holy War” instead of dividing into the greater and lesser jihad. Also, the video discusses how racial profiling is a type of stereotyping .The video then goes on to discuss the sterotypes that can be seen for Judaism and Christainty. Jewish sterotypes revolve around apperance and occupations. Christainty’s sterotypes center around being intolerant. Overall,the video shows how sterotypes can be detrimental to individuals.

Religion Portrayed in the Media

This video is about how religion is portrayed in the media. The video starts off by saying that the rise of media has affected how much time people spend doing religious activities. It then goes on to explain how jihad is explained in the media. Next, the creation of the word Islamophobia is explained. Also, analyzed is the perception of Islam Pre and Post 9/11. The video ends by looking at how all the Abrahamic religions are perceived by the media in various categories.